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Tour HN - Kunming - Lijiang - Shangrila 7 days 6 nights (Road)

Giá tour trọn gói:

Điểm khởi hành: Hà Nội

Điểm đến: Kunming

Lịch trình: 7 days 6 nights

Khởi hành: Thứ ba hàng tuần

Số lượng chỗ đã bán: 4/10

Hoặc gửi yêu cầu tư vấn:

Giới thiệu

Shangri-La "immortal" mystic valley surrounded by lush green hills, beautiful lake, fresh air. Lijiang is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Naxi - the ancient city of blooming flowers, the ancient ancient city of Dai Ly, solid and mossy - where the famous Thien Long Bat Bo movie was shot. Accompanying PYS Travel in the journey of 6 days and 5 nights of Kunming - Lijiang - Shangrila to experience a quality and most impressive trip.

Special offer:

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Lịch trình

DAY 1: HANOI - CONG MINH (Eat: Noon, Evening)

5h00: Car and guide pick up at the meeting place (big theater) to take the group to Ha Khau border gate, eat breakfast on the road (self-sufficient). Continue to depart for Ha Khau. After immigration procedures, the delegation boarded cars to Kunming.

09:00: Car picks up the group at Ha Khau to come to China and depart for Mong Tu, Lunch at Mong Tu.

Afternoon: The car brings the group back to Kunming - the spring city of China. You are free to explore culture, food and shopping in Kunming. Overnight in Kunming.

Explore Kunming - spring city

DAY 2: CONFIRMATION - GIRLS (Dinner Morning)

Breakfast at hotel, car transfer to train station, high speed train to Con Minh - Le Giang (D8872 08h15 - 11h13) - a beautiful city on Cao Nguyen Van Nam, is blessed with many landscapes poetic & lyrical. Come to Lijiang, have lunch at the restaurant.

Thought like paradise, everyone must "fall in love" (Photo: Ta Xuan Huong)

Heilong Dam Park - where the water from the ice mountain Ngoc Long came to feed Le Giang land. From Hac Long park, you can see the majestic mountains of thousands of years, in the peaceful setting of the calm lake water.

Photo: Linh Lo

Visiting Le Giang Ancient Town - The ancient citadel was built at the end of Tong Dynasty more than 800 years ago, located on Van Quy plateau, at an altitude of 2,400m above the sea level, the house has a unique architecture mix between Han, Bach, and Tibet in combination with the traditional style of indigenous Westerners. Not only that, Le Giang is also the busy commercial center of the legendary Tra Ma Co Dao road, where merchants carry out the exchange of Tibetan horses for Chinese Tea.


This ancient citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1997. A world cultural heritage with beautiful scenery of the country, dubbed the "Venice of the East", where the house is all stream flows through, willow trees drop down on the steps and beautiful little bridges.

Large and fresh, coming here, you will not have a mess, forget all the troubles and enjoy the beautiful scenery. (Photo: Collectibles)

Streets of Four Fang in the center of the ancient city. Dinner. You are free to watch Le Giang colors at night. Freedom to enjoy the music and dance. Le Giang ancient town can also be called a street of folk music and folk dance, but you do not need to spend a penny of ticket to become an actor immediately if you like. Overnight in Lijiang

DAY 3: GIRLS - SHANGRILA (Evening Lunch)
After breakfast, the group departed for Shangri-La: "Immortal Land" in the novel Lost Horizon (lost horizon), by British writer James Hilton. In the language of the Tibetans, Shangrila means the place of destiny and luck, the center of the three great Yangtze and Lan Thuong rivers - the first part of the Mekong and No Giang rivers. On the way through the Tiger Tiger: Watch the first bend of the Yangtze River into the middle.

The endless beauty on the road to find "immortal valley". (Photo: Ta Xuan Huong)

Tiger Leaping (Tiger Leaping Gorge): Tiger jumping gorge is located 60km north of Lijiang, is considered the most dangerous canyon in the world to attract those who love adventure, where the cliffs stand up, above the sky green as jade, under the feet are deep hun smoking, whirlpool of white foam.

Songzanlinsi Monastery (Tung Lan Lam): Known as a miniature version of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. This monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan, the seat of more than 700 monks.

Tung Lan Lam is famous

Freedom to visit Ancient Citadel DuKeZong - a long-established place of concentration of Tibetans with a life of over 1,300 years best preserved in China. Arriving here, visitors will admire hundreds of ancient Tibetan-style houses that are carefully preserved, being hospitable by the Tibetans to introduce their typical culture, daily life and enthusiasm to help support. Dinner at restaurant and overnight in Shangrila.

DAY 4: SHANGRILA - GIRLS (Evening Lunch)
Have breakfast at Hotel. Visit:

Potatso National Forest Park - with scenic views of Bitahai Lake - the highest freshwater lake in Yunnan, is crystal-clear with water, along with mountains, grasslands, vast prairies, flower hills pine forest changes color according to season. Then the delegation continued to visit the Tibetan Ethnic Culture Village (30km away).

Lunch. The delegation returned to the hotel, checked out, the car brought the group to Lijiang. Overnight in Lijiang


DAY 5: GIRLS - MINH MINH (Evening Lunch)
Breakfast at the hotel, Car takes the tour to visit:

Ngoc Tuyet Mountain Calendar area. Take a small cable car to visit Van Tam Binh - an altitude of 3200 m to enjoy beautiful Ngoc Long Snow Mountain - a 5596 m high mountain snow all year round. The permafrost gleams like a pearl. Call it a mountain again because people have not conquered it yet. Visiting Bach Thuy Ha is made up of melting ice from the snowy mountains of Ngoc Long, Cam Hai Tu steppe, visiting Ngoc Thuy Trai - a place with beautiful scenery and showing the customs and beliefs of Na Xi people and Dong Ba culture. . Lunch, you can attend the Performing Arts program set up by Truong Nghe Muu under the name of "Lijiang Impression" (Self-sufficiency)

Dinner at the restaurant. After that, take the train station, take the high-speed train to Le Giang-Cong Minh (D8792 19h14-2224), Overnight in Kunming.

DAY 6: CONG MINH (Lunch)
After breakfast, take the car to visit Vien Thong Son - one of the most beautiful ancient houses in Kunming. This is one of the unique ancient architecture in the city center, where the Van Nam Buddhist Association is based.

In the spring you will enjoy a brilliant pink cherry blossom forest, where there are more than 1000 ancient peaches. Lunch at a local restaurant

Kunming Yuanyuan - Kunming

After lunch, depart for Ha Khau. Upon arrival, HDV sent the delegation to the border gate to carry out exit procedures. Group dinner (self-sufficient) in Lao Cai. Delegation to Hanoi, end the memorable journey!

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